Unselfie: District Speaker (Registration is free but required)

Wednesday, Nov. 14 6:30-8:30 p.m. at MHS, Arts Center
Presenter: Dr. Michele Borba

Topic: Raising Unselfies: Why Empathy Is Key to Children’s Success, Happiness, and Resilience

UnSelfie: Why Empathetic Kids Succeed in Our All-About-Me World by Dr. Michele Borba, introduces a revolutionary but simple idea that will transform our kids’ lives: that empathy—rather than being a nice “add-on” to our kids’ development—is in fact integral to their current and future success, happiness, and well-being. And empathy is a quality that can be taught—in fact, it’s a quality that must be taught, by parents, by educators, and by those in a child’s community. What’s more, it’s a trait that kids can cultivate and improve, like riding a bike or learning a foreign language because it’s comprised of habits.

But why should we want our kids to empathize? For starters, the ability to empathize affects our kids’ future health, wealth, authentic happiness, relationship satisfaction, and ability to bounce back from adversity. It promotes kindness, prosocial behaviors, and moral courage, and it is an effective antidote to bullying, aggression, prejudice, and racism. Empathy also prepares kids for the global world, and gives them a job market boost. Empathy is core to everything that makes a society civilized, but above all, it makes our children better people and it’s why we must raise empathetic children. But how? Nine essential competencies comprise empathy. With practice, they can become habits that children will use for a lifetime to maintain their caring capacities. UnSelfie offers dozens of ways to instill these habits.

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READY for more? Join Dr. Hoff and other parents for a post-meeting book discussion!

Tuesday, November 27th in the Media Center.  !0:15am or 7pm

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