Enrichment Procedures

MMW PTO Enrichment Fund



  •      A teacher or staff member completes a PTO Enrichment Fund Proposal form.
  •      Before submitting to PTO, please review your proposal with Principal Hoff.
  •      Drop off form in office box and/or submit form electronically to PTO representative, Janet Maddalena at janet.maddalena@gmail.com.
  •      Support materials should be included with the proposal.
  •      Requests must be submitted by the deadlines on proposal form.
  •      Requests received after deadline will be considered with proposals received for the next deadline.
  •      Proposals will be considered by the PTO rep and Principal Hoff in the week following the application deadline. Any further information/materials required from the applicant will be requested during this time.  Proposals deemed as having merit will then be voted on at the PTO board meeting following the application deadline. Applicants will be notified of the status of their proposal shortly following the board meeting.
  •      Consideration Criteria: In keeping with the purpose of the MMW PTO, requests will be considered based on the following:

Promotes and enriches the education, welfare, and cultural awareness of MMW students through programs, innovation, and volunteer resources.

Provides a social community for the student body and their families.

Supports kindness and service initiatives.

  •      Other Funding Options:  There are also other funding opportunities available from district, state and building sources that arise throughout the year, i.e. Minnetonka Foundation, TIES, Drayer, etc., that we hope applicants will also explore.  Applicants will be notified if Principal Hoff sees a more appropriate funding source for their proposal.


FOLLOWING APPROVAL: If the actual purchase amount for the requested item/service is more than 10% over the approved amount, the overage and explanation must be resubmitted to the PTO rep prior to purchase.

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