Step It Up!

Step it up

Fundraising starts September 17 with party to follow on October 17!

We are excited to run another online donation fundraiser with STEP IT UP!  Funds will support our initiative for the school year: Innovation and Furniture!  This is our only major fundraiser; profits will fund enrichment projects, student activities, and new furniture for our common areas!

Thanks in advance for your support!


Due to the questions regarding the MMW Fundraiser, the MMW PTO has put together the following FAQ’s. We hope this answers most of the questions posed. If you have further questions please send to

MMW Fundraiser FAQ’s:
~ALL MMW Students are able to attend the outside inflatable party happening on Weds. October 17 at school.

~Students that raise over $55 will be able to stay about 30 minutes later at the party and get an additional prize.

~The $300 Goal on the Step It Up! website is a preset dollar amount used for all their fundraisers and is not intended as a required goal for our students.

~Students are eligible for additional prizes, this is based on their individual total of donations.

~Students that send out 10 – 19 emails by Weds. Sept 19, are eligible to receive gifts handed out on Sept. 19 & Sept 20.

~Students that send out 20+ emails by Weds. Sept. 19, are eligible to receive 3 gifts and are registered for daily drawings of the Cool Room gifts through Monday, Sept. 24.

~MMW receives at least 50% of the profits.

~This fundraiser is our main source of PTO budget funding for the year. That budget is used to fulfill teacher and student enrichment requests during the year. We supplement field trips, buy extra supplies for special projects or new clubs, etc.
We supplement building and equipment needs at the school. For example, the sign in front of the school to keep people in the know, new student-friendly furniture for our common areas, and a revamp of the courtyard.

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