About Your PTO

Our Volunteer PTO Board is working for you and our students to make our community stronger every year!  Our focus for the current year: Innovation and Furniture!

Please feel free to reach out to us with any PTO questions, get clarity, or to find out more about getting involved!  pto.mmw@gmail.com

Our Mission

Meeting Minutes

Co-Presidents Maggie Hillmer
Summer Sellers
Create and maintain agendas and the annual calendar. Communicate with all committees & coordinate team. Attend district meetings and share/report to and from other PTOs.
Vice President & Volunteer Appreciation Chair Beth Gonzalez Google drive up-keep & coordinates thank-yous/events for school and volunteers.
Treasurer Monica Billingsly Budgeting and billpay, file paperwork for PTO board with the State of MN.
Secretary Creates minutes and maintains by-laws
Enrichment Chair Janet Maddalena Processes incoming requests and helps teachers complete requests.
Fundraising Chair Cindy Scanlon Coordinate fundraising efforts, create the plan for the next year.
Volunteer Coordinator & School Liason Kim Lesinksi (Excelsior)
Tina Lamb
(Clear Springs)
Recruit parents for PTO positions, committees, and events. Serve as a bridge between schools for parents of incoming 6th graders. Manage MSA and coordinate with committees to ensure their needs for volunteers are met.
Staff Appreciation Tammy Bhat       Kelli Laninga
Community Builder Lana Doughty    Tara Lee Stone

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