MMW PTO 20-21 Annual Fundraiser

We hope your family is off to a great start this year at MMW. During COVID, we are all pivoting to make this school year work, as well as addressing the challenge of how to be strong partners to MMW leaders so that the experience is as positive for all of our kids as possible.

This week we are launching the annual campaign to raise money for the PTO’s operating and enrichment budget. All donations are tax deductible and 100% of our money raised goes directly to support MMW teachers, students, and staff. As a community, we have decided to forgo prize based or door to door type sales programs to both maintain student safety and acknowledge that many families in our District are being impacted financially by current events.

We appreciate participation at the level that is comfortable for your family. In the past, your donations have funded:

  • Microscopes and science equipment
  • Staff Appreciation
  • Seed money for clubs
  • STEM tech including Ozobots
  • PE and yoga equipment
  • Visiting Author and Young Author Conference
  • Building and classroom improvements
  • Field Trips and Parties

To Donate:


Summer Sellers and Larissa Pitts

PTO President and Vice President

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